Sharing health and wellness advice and coaching techniques to help you rebuild and renew your life after a serious health issue

How to let yourself take a break

You’ve got a deadline looming. You are aware of it. But maybe there are other important things also with deadlines attached to them competing for your attention. You’ve been focusing on those other things to finish them. But the deadline for that ONE thing arrives and...

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Is this all the recovery I’m gonna get?

This week I continue the theme of recovery in the context of illness. Last week's blog post focused on the assumptions which lace the recovery process due to society's interpretation of recovery: a) To have (the use, possession, or control of something) restored b) To...

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How #Brexit may affect your health

I sit here wondering, questioning and even worrying about the short and long-term impact of the historical referendum on 23rd June, which may lead to a possible #Brexit of the United Kingdom from the European Union. I had a blog all prepared and almost ready to go but...

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How to heal your health by connecting to yourself

You could be living with a long-term medical condition or had a serious illness or injury and feel you have adjusted to the changes it brought to your life. But then as you are doing something, the enormity of the difference in your life now may suddenly come flooding...

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How to turn big dreams into reality with a changed body

After living with a long-term condition, serious illness or injury for a period of time, have you ever taken a decision that feels momentous to you in some way? Maybe you committed to doing something physically challenging. Or you just redid your CV and completed a...

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Dear Mum, I may never recover from this illness

This blog has been inspired by several individuals I've recently spoke with regarding the impact of their illness/condition on themselves, their mothers and acceptance (or not) of the situation. This is their story, the story of a daughter to her mum. It can equally...

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