Barbara Babcock health and wellness coach

Hello and welcome, I'm Barbara Babcock

Health & Wellness Coach, Facilitator, Researcher 

Health and wellness coaching to rebuild and renew your life after a serious health issue

When a serious, life-changing health issue strikes, I support you, whether you have the health issue or are in the caring role, to:

Deal effectively with the emotional impact

Navigate the many changes

Create a ‘new normality’

Reclaim meaning and purpose in your life

I empower you to return to wellness, and stay there.

Because you matter. Because your experiences and life are important.

Through working with people in a similar situation to you and from firsthand experience, I have seen the impact a serious health issue can have. There is a longing for one’s old life coupled with concerns and questions regarding the future. Yet there is also the hope and desire to find purpose and meaning again, and turn that into real change.

I supported these people to make that change happen. To create a ‘new normality’ within the reality of their changed bodies. To find their way back to a sense of happiness and wellbeing. To look forward to the future again.

We may connect directly, through your employer, a charity, support group, or your solicitor.

To learn more about how health and wellness coaching can help you, click here or look below to…

Individuals & Families

You or a loved one have experienced a serious health issue and wish to take back control, rebuild your life, and return to a sense of normality.

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Charities & Support Groups

You’ve are interested in health coaching as a supported self-management approach to help your service users manage the impact of their health issue.

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An employee is returning to work after experiencing a serious health issue and you would like to offer tailored support to ensure a successful transition.

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Personal Injury & Medical Solicitors

You have a client who has experienced a serious health issue and would benefit from 1-1 support to take control and move forward with their lives.

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You wish to learn about health coaching to work in this area. Or you are seeking mentor coaching to obtain/renew your ACC credential with the ICF.

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Take part in research

Have you or a loved one experienced the onset of a life-changing serious health issue?

Do you or others often use the word acceptance?

If yes, I would love to speak with you as I’m researching what acceptance means to people like you.

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