Health and wellness coaching and programmes to enable a return to wellness after a serious health issue

I have one aim – empowering individuals to rebuild and renew their lives after a serious health issue. And I connect with these individuals via several routes – directly, and via charities and support groups, companies and solicitors. I also work with coaches to nourish their professional development.

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Individuals & Families

You or a loved one have experienced a serious health issue and wish to take back control, rebuild your life, and return to a sense of normality.

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Charities & Support Groups

You’ve heard of the benefits of health coaching and are wondering how it could help your members effectively manage the impact of their health issue.

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An employee is returning to work after experiencing a serious health issue and you would like to offer tailored support to ensure a successful transition.

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Personal Injury & Medical Solicitors

You have a client who has experienced a serious health issue and would benefit from 1-1 support to take control and move forward with their lives.

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You wish to learn about health coaching to work in this area. Or you are seeking mentor coaching to obtain or renew your ACC credential with the International Coach Federation.

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Take part in research

Have you or a loved one experienced the onset of a life-changing serious health issue?

Do you or others often use the word acceptance?

If yes, I would love to speak with you as I’m researching what acceptance means to people like you.

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