Rediscover your resilience and reclaim your life while recovering from and living with illness or injury

Health and wellness coaching to help individuals dealing with challenging health conditions move forward with a renewed purpose for their life and a plan to achieve it.

Illness to wellness support services

Acceptance of illness/ injury project

An unexpected illness or injury can be unsettling and destabilising across all aspects of your life. Until now, much of your recovery may have focused on physical treatment and rehabilitation. But what about your emotional wellbeing?

There’s no handbook on how to restructure your life when dealing with a sudden or chronic illness or injury. That’s where a health and wellness coach comes in. Whether you’re taking your first steps in recovering from an illness or injury, or you’re several years down the road, we’ll work together to help you take back control of your life. We’ll build actionable, realistic plans that focus on your goals and aspirations, whatever those may look like for you.

Hi, I’m Barbara

I’m a coach with an MA in Coaching Psychology, a trainee family therapist and over a decade of experience in long-term illness and injury recovery, helping people like you make sense of your new situation. Through our 1-to-1 sessions in a trusted and safe environment, we’ll identify what you want to be different, what is getting in the way and how you deal with that. I’ll gently challenge you to address the issues head-on and discuss the ongoing impact of your health issues in a trusted and safe space.

We’ll use holistic methods that allow you to regain control of your health and life and restore your confidence so that you can return to work, rebuild family relationships and reduce stress when it comes to the day-to-day management of your illness or injury. You’ll feel empowered to make choices that feel right for you, your recovery, and at a pace that provides you with balance and peace moving forward.

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How we can work together

Individuals & Families

Coaching & Counselling for Illness or Injury Recovery

1-to-1 coaching for you
or your loved one on dealing with a challenging health issue.


Wellness Coaching Services for Corporates & Charities

For groups looking to offer tailored return to work solutions and support for individuals managing the impact of their health issue.

Health coaching helped me manage my residual symptoms better, the seasonal adjustments, and medication. I started to view myself and my condition differently. It encouraged me to consider where I wanted to be and how I could get there. It enabled me to take back control.

Woman in her 40’s living with a rare relapsing neurological condition

As a carer for my Mum, we were having issues with inversion of roles. Coaching helped my mum and I create a new balance within our relationship and understand each other’s perspectives better.

Carer in her 20’s who has Myalgic Encephalomyelitis

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