Healing the space where family relationships and health issues collide


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  • What happens during a workshop
  • Getting to the venue including venue address
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  • Cancellation Policy
  • Accessibility of the venue if you use mobility aids/wheelchair

You can also download this information via this link – Joining Instructions 11-May-2019 RtoW Workshop


About the workshop

The space where family relationships and health issues collide can feel destabilising. You want to restore a sense of balance to yourself, and connection and communication within your family. This half day workshop will help you do that by helping you to:

  • Understand the role of this health issue in your family
  • Gain a new perspective of the changes in your family relationships and
  • Find ways you can contribute to restored balance and emotional wellbeing to yourself, your family, your health and life.


Date and time

Date: 11th May 2019 (Saturday)

Time: Doors open at 12:30pm. We start promptly at 1pm and will finish at 5pm.

Please text 07818 068 192 if you will be late.

Lunch will not be served but coffee, tea and water will.



If during the registration process you ticked that you have any physical or mental health issues which could affect your participation, please email me at barbara@returntowellness.co.uk to let me know what they are.

That way we can meet your needs and discuss any concerns in advance. If you use mobility aids or a wheelchair, the venue is accessible. There is more information on that below.


What happens during a workshop?

A group of people with a variety of family and health issues come together for an afternoon to gain fresh perspectives on their issues and find a way to resolve them.

We will work with about three participants’ issues. Everyone else may be a representative during the afternoon. The representative plays an important role in supporting the issue holder’s work by representing an element of their issue. If you are not a representative, you play an equally important role by holding a supportive space for people to find a way through their issues.

You can indicate in advance if you wish to be an issue holder. We will select the issue holders on the day. If you indicated during the registration process that you wish to be an issue holder, I will be in touch with your beforehand to find out what your issue is.

As the facilitator, I have a brief conversation with the issue holder, who will then select other participants to represent the main elements of their issue. The issue holder then sets the representatives up as a living breathing visual map of their issue – the constellation. I work with the representatives and issue holder to identify the hidden dynamics and what is blocking movement in their system and determine ways to restore movement.

If you are not an issue holder, you will find that other people’s issues or parts of their issues may resonate strongly with you and you learn something from their constellation. Many people say their experience being a representative or even just witnessing a constellation can be very powerful and healing.

This is a very generous way of working where a group of people come together to share and support one another in an experiential workshop to restore flow in themselves, their family, their health and their lives.

This work can be very moving on many levels so I ask you to come with a spirit of generosity, curiosity and a willingness to participate and explore.


Getting to the venue

The venue is the Kingston Quaker Centre in Kingston-upon-Thames, southwest London.

Fairfield East

You can get direct trains from London Waterloo to Kingston rail station.

The Kingston Quaker Centre is 0.3 miles, approximately a 5 minute walk, from Kingston rail station.

You can get also a direct train from London Waterloo or the south or southwest of the UK to Surbiton rail station. The venue is a 1.4 mile walk from Surbiton rail station. Buses 71, 281, K1, K2 and K3 go from outside Waitrose on Claremont Road (which is close to Surbiton rail station) to central Kingston.



The parking on Fairfield East where the Kingston Quaker Centre is located is resident parking only.

The best place to park is in Cattle Market car park. This is paid parking. The entrance is off of Fairfield North/A307 and its post code is KT1 2QB. The Kingston Quaker Centre is located just behind it. Exit the car park, turn right on the A307 (so you are walking against the traffic for a little bit, it’s a one-way system). A brick wall is on your righthand side. You will see a break in the wall and a sign pointing towards the Kingston Quaker Centre. Take a right onto this small footpath which leads to Fairfield East. When you come to the street, the Kingston Quaker Centre is on your right.

Kingston Quaker Centre has limited disability parking at the venue. If you require it, please let me know during the registration process and I can ask the venue about availability. You can also email me at barbara@returntowellness.co.uk. 



If a cancellation is made:

  • 2 weeks or more before the event, you receive a full refund (26th April or earlier)
  • Between 2 and 1 week before the event, you receive a 50% refund (27th April to 3rd May)
  • 1 week or less before the event, 100% of the course charge applies (4-11 May)



The venue is wheelchair accessible and flat throughout. There are disabled toilets. The kitchen isn’t particularly wheelchair friendly if you use a wheelchair on the side where the kettle, sink, cutlery and dishes are located.

Access leading from the road to the entrance is on a small incline and flat (it’s a brick laid drive). The pavements along the road leading to the venue are concrete. They are a bit on an incline in places and bumpy in other places due to tree roots.

There is some disabled parking available at the venue. You must register for a place so please let me know when you register if you will need one so that I can ask the venue if a place is available.


I look forward to meeting you at the workshop

If you have any questions before then, email me at barbara@returntowellness.co.uk.

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