The when you take the first step in faith quote is really resonating for me right now.

You know how you really want something to be different and you just need to get started. To take the first step in faith. In faith of yourself and your abilities. It feels like a big step. Scary even. You may be feeling you’re stepping off a cliff into the unknown.

I am feeling that way.

Take the first step in faith now

You don’t need to be 100% confident in yourself and your abilities. You can grow that alongside the steps you will take. Just take the first step in faith now. That is all. It’s ok if you feel fear too. And you don’t have to see all the other steps. You can figure it out as you go.

I am taking that first step now

Hello. My name is Barbara Babcock and this will be my blog/website for my venture in helping people (and their families) live well with the impact of serious illness or injury and chronic illness. I also enjoy helping people find and create meaningful and satisfying careers in a way that rings true for them (we can spend a lot of time at work, I believe in enjoying it!). I might also blog about the odd thing that strikes my fancy.

So this introduction is me taking that first step in faith.

I invite you to join me on this journey and be part of the Return to Wellness® community.


P.S. It might take me a few days or so to get up to speed with this technology before the next post is posted. And the look of the blog might change too.

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