You may be thinking that me taking that second step has been taking a while, the “ambitious to get lots done and achieve” part of me agrees with you. The other part of me is showing me some self-compassion.

I wanted to post last week, but I let myself spend more time than intended on my other job. Even though that job is incredibly rewarding and I love it, I want and need to focus on this venture too. Why?

Because I see this venture as something that I am doing purely for me.

So taking that second step is important

It is about self-leadership. Can I lead myself to make this such a grand journey that others will want to join me? I see this as a healthy and a potentially very nourishing challenge. Yet what I find, and you may identify with this as well, that we choose to do things in life that we feel will bring happiness, help others, help us learn, etc. This may include going for that promotion or new job, having a family, coaching the local youth sports team, etc.

Many times our choices require us to do things for others. Even though looking after others’ needs may bring us great joy, in the busy-ness of life we may end up putting those things that are purely for us on the back burner.

But you need to prioritise your needs

In my mind this relates to the notion that we have to look after ourselves first so that we can be a in a good place to help others. And I had not been doing that. I had not achieved the balance I’ve been seeking in focusing on my other job, this  new venture and exercise.

So what did I do?

I started to keep a timesheet to understand how I’ve been spending my time during the day. Perhaps a bit boring, but necessary. And it has been interesting. That along with some wonderful coaching the other day and biting the bullet and booking a personal trainer, I am finding a way to balance my focus on those activities that are purely for me and those that include a strong focus on others.

It’s early days. And to keep it going, I commit to you to post here next week. In the  meantime, have a lovely weekend and take a moment (or two) to do something purely for yourself.

These four things will help you in taking that second step

When taking that second step relates to doing something purely for yourself, make sure you:

  1. If time is an issue, I recommend keeping a time sheet for a few days at least. It’s amazing how it can help you to find nuggets of time where you can be doing something for yourself.
  2. Create your accountability team – People around you who you can give updates to on how you’re doing and they will be great at keeping you on.
  3. Also develop your accountability to yourself. This may require you to develop the belief that yes, your needs are incredibly important and come first.
  4. Show yourself lots of self-compassion.

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