Desk chair - Blog post 2-Jul-2014

This is a story about a life of a desk chair potato.

My life actually

My bottom has developed a way-too-intimate relationship with the desk chair. They have spent so much time together in the past three years they find it difficult to part. Living a life of a desk chair potato is not doing me any favours on one level. Sitting at my desk working away means I do get a lot of work done, achieve good things for myself and others, and am mentally challenged in a way I enjoy being challenged. I’m a pretty happy potato in that regard.

Happy Potato - Blog post 2-Jul-2014

But on another level, this life of a desk chair potato…

Means I have put on weight because I am not moving as much as I used to. And the extra weight is affecting my sleep. And not getting enough sleep means I’m more tired and end up moving less. And this affects how I feel about myself. And around the vicious circle I go.

What led to this life of a desk chair potato?

The kicker is, I work from home. I lead a charity and I support people on their journeys back to emotional wellness. My time is pretty much my own. My schedule is flexible. If I want to work first, then play later, or vice-versa, I can. But I don’t. My tendency is to work and if I get a chance to play, great, that’s a bonus.

Therein lies the issue.

I sometimes view looking after myself as ‘play’, which only happens after the work is done. I’m not great at giving myself the time and permission to play.

But all is not lost

I do look after myself in other ways. For example, I cook dinner from scratch on average 5 times a week. Eating good food  that is tasty and healthy is a priority and I love the creative process of cooking. I make that happen. I think it’s important we remember how we help ourselves. Because once we’ve dissected the why’s and how’s of making something a priority, we can have a go at applying that learning to other parts of our lives.

Back to the issue of a life of a desk chair potato

So viewing ongoing exercise as play is getting me into an unhealthy vicious circle. It’s a circle I want to break. I even think I know what triggers that vicious circle into spinning action. But I’m not going into that now. That’s for the next post. Because now I’m going to lift my bottom from its best mate desk chair and take it (the bottom, not the chair) for a walk in the sun.

Over to you

What has enabled you to move from a sedentary to a physically more active life? What action did you take or are you taking? What did you stop doing?

Pass it forward

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