You may be wondering why you’re feeling out-of-sorts during lockdown. In the past few weeks you may have been feeling lethargic, sleeping a lot, or not enough. Maybe you feel really down and sad about everything or your anxiety feels a lot higher. You’re not your normal self.

But you know you’ve got a roof over your head, some food in the fridge, enough loo roll, you’ve got the basics. So why is this out-of-sorts feeling dragging on?

It’s not surprising you’re feeling the way you do. Given what you, your family, the country and the world are currently dealing with in this time of coronavirus, your responses are a normal reaction.

I want to explain four reasons why you’re feeling out-of-sorts during lockdown

These reasons aren’t the whole of your story. There’s a lot else which could be contributing to you feeling the way you do. But these reasons are common to many of us right now no matter where we live in the world.

Knowing the why, even if you can’t change it, helps you to recognise how you’re feeling and name it. That knowledge in itself can help you feel more calm and able to focus on what you can control. And we all want some of that right now.

A woman, who is small in stature is looking at people representing Uncertainty, Change, Loss and Less Freedom. She is saying, 'You're all so big!' Uncertainty is saying, 'Hey! We're moving in! Don't worry about not having room. We fit anywhere!' Less Freedom is saying, 'I need to break free.' Change looks a bit hyper. Loss is crying. The point is life in the time of coronavirus is very much about living with uncertainty, change, loss and less freedom. That will explain in part why you're feeling out-of-sorts during lockdown. Visit to learn how to change that.

Why you’re feeling out-of-sorts during lockdown

1. You have less freedom

In an effort to contain coronavirus, the government has placed restrictions on what you can do, when and with whom. You have less choice and hence less freedom. And freedom is highly prized in our culture. We often don’t like being told what to do and what we can’t do.

Although the government restrictions on moving out and about in the world are necessary to contain #coronavirus, for some people dealing with the loss of choice and freedom can be very difficult. We free much prize freedom in our… Share on X

2. You have shed loads of uncertainty in your life now

Will I or a family member get COVID-19? How would we be affected?

Will I be able to do X, Y or Z later on this year? Maybe that is to get married, go on a special holiday, have a birthday party for a special birthday, graduate from university, etc.

Will I be able to return to school/university as normal in the Autumn?

Will my relationship survive this lockdown?

How long will this lockdown last?

Will I get my bonus at work?

What will the world be like after all this?

You probably have a lot of questions like this swirling around your head about all the unknowns.

We humans don’t like uncertainty. Because lack of certainty feels like loss of control. And you can feel powerless as a result.

A woman is sitting on a chair. She is frowning, looking uncertain and asking herself the questions: "What am I to do? How can I feel better? Why do I feel this way? When will it stop? Who can help. I feel so out of control." Next to her is standing Uncertainty. It has its hand on the back of her chair and is saying, 'I'm your new friend.' This is what it's like to live with uncertainty. Check out for advice on how to do that and keep your sanity particularly if you're feeling out-of-sorts during lockdown.

3. You have a shed load of change to deal with too

Maybe you’ve had to learn how to use Zoom for work, or to stay in touch with family and friends.

Maybe you are self-employed and have had to find a way to get your business online if that is even possible.

Or maybe you’ve lost your job, you’re the breadwinner in your family and you’ve had to quickly find new work. If there is new work to be had.

Or figure out how to work from home, deal with feeling isolated if you live on your own, or how to home school your children and do your job at the same time.

If you had a choice prior to all this happening, you may not have chosen to learn and do what you now have to. This kind of change can feel enforced and unwelcome. It can be hard to deal with.

The reason it can be hard dealing with all the #change during #coronavirus and #lockdown is because it’s not a change we sought for ourselves. It’s been forced on us. Share on X

4. You’re dealing with a lot of loss

There are all sorts of losses you and everyone else are dealing with. Loss of

  • Your normal routine
  • Seeing family and friends
  • Income and what that enables for you
  • Your business and livelihood
  • Access to your favourite activities
  • Needed medical treatment
  • Holiday
  • Taking exams
  • Graduating from sixth form or university
  • Certainty
  • Family, friends, acquaintances even clients or customers due to COVID-19
  • And more

And you could not have prevented a lot of that loss. Cue that powerless feeling again. It’s no wonder you could be feeling out-of-sorts during lockdown.

We are each in our own way dealing with lack of freedom, unwelcome change, shedloads of uncertainty, feeling out of control and powerless, and loss

That’s a lot for you to hold. That’s a lot for any one country to deal with. Right now, the world is holding this.

There is a picture of a world map. On it is written north, south, east, west in the relevant places. Also written on the map is uncertainty, less freedom, loss and change. A woman is also holding balls representing uncertainty, change, loss and less freedom. Her hands and arms are very full with them. This represents what you and the world are dealing with now during this time of coronavirus and can explain why you're feeling out-of-sorts during lockdown. Read the blog on to learn what you can do to cope effectively.

You, and the world, are experiencing grief

Many of us are feeling out-of-sorts during lockdown. Waking up in terror in the middle of the night, feeling intense overwhelm, wanting to hide away from it all, these are normal responses to the intense enormity of what you and the world are dealing with.

They key thing is not to unpack and live there. It’s about how you acknowledge and move through the terror, overwhelm and grief in a healthy way psychologically, physically and socially.

I can and will say more on that but I am going to leave it here as what I’ve written is plenty for now.

In the meantime, tell me what support would help you get through these times

What else would help you manage that feeling out-of-sorts during lockdown and get through it?

It may mean feeling more feeling more in control, feeling more balanced or experiencing. It might be about how to deal with the intensity of living with family members and/or dealing with kids 24/7. Or trying to balance work and home schooling and keep your sanity. Just want to hang out with like-minded people online? Deal with whatever is concerning you right now?

You may want 1-1 support, work in a group, online workshops, more blogs, online chats, something else?

I’d love to know so Return to Wellness® can target its support in a way that would be meaningful for you. Drop your thoughts in the comments below or get in touch via the contact form. I look forward to hearing from you.

What support do you want to help you cope with all the uncertainty, change, etc that you’re dealing with right now? Share your thoughts here #coronavirus #COVD-19 #lockdown Share on X

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