Acceptance of Illness and Injury

An ongoing research project on what it means to “accept” your health issues.


What does it mean to accept your illness or injury? Whether you’re dealing with an ongoing chronic illness, a temporary challenging health condition or an unexpected injury, knowing how to move forward in the most effective and impactful way for you can be difficult. Often, you’ll hear statements like “you need to accept what’s happened and move on” or “reaching acceptance is the first step to recovery”, but what does that actually mean and look and feel like day-to-day?

There’s no right or wrong answers and that’s why I started the Acceptance of Illness or Injury research project. My aim is to build a picture of what the concept of “acceptance” means to you, as an individual experiencing a chronic illness or injury.

For the past four years, I’ve been talking to my clients and community, gathering their thoughts and personal stories in order to improve the Return to Wellness® coaching services that I offer and tailor the content that I create to best serve you. 

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Acceptance of Illness
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