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Health and Wellness Coach Barbara babcock

Hello, I’m Barbara.

I’ve been working as a health and wellness coach for over a decade, specialising in supporting individuals and families with both ongoing and temporary challenging health issues. My work focuses on helping people like you to effectively manage the emotional and psychological impact of illness or injury, rediscovering their confidence and reclaiming their life in order to move forward.

With a background in adult learning and having lived through a serious illness myself, as well as taking on a caring role for my partner, I’m passionate about supporting you as you navigate this new and unsettling experience. I know how it feels to have your world turned upside down in an instant and not know what the next few days, weeks, months or even years will look like. It can be a scary and isolating experience, so I want to make sure that you have the dedicated support and tools you need to take positive action towards your new purpose.

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My Approach and Values

My background in neurological conditions, research and coaching psychology means that I typically approach my work from a person-centred and theory-supported angle. I work intuitively as a coach, helping you to make connections in what you’re saying and find the language that expresses what you’re thinking and feeling. As our work together will be focused on how your illness or injury impacts you, I take a holistic approach that allows you to listen closely to your body and to tap into this knowledge as you learn to manage the physical symptoms and changes resulting from your challenging health issue.

Having lived in seven different countries, I also bring a global mindset to my work and awareness of how the cultures we’re raised and live in can play a large role in our lives, particularly after illness or injury. This appreciation has helped to shape the core values that I follow in both my work as a coach and trainee therapist and life.

Self-Direction/ Independence/Autonomy

I support individuals in making choices for themselves and having the right tools and resources to support that.


 I believe in building inclusive and supportive communities, where we can work together towards a common goal.

Awareness/Empowerment/Personal Growth

I value empowering people to find a solution that works for them and their life, supporting them along the way as a resource and guide.


I believe in working ethically and honestly, taking responsibility for mistakes and helping people do the same for themselves.

Self-Leadership Resilience

I value helping people to recognise and use their own power and lead themselves and others, in whatever way that looks for them.


I stand for social justice and want to leave my corner of the world a better place through serving others who need support.

Quick Facts

  • I’m based in South-West London but work with clients all over the world.
  • I am a member of the International Coaching Federation and have an M.A. in Psychological Coaching/Coaching Psychology.
  • Currently training as a Systemic & Family Therapist at King’s College London.
  • I also hold certifications in Professional Coaching Skills, Systemic Family Constellations, Acceptance Commitment Therapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and adult learning and training.
  • I have a B.A. in International Business and Languages and an M.A. in Russian Area Studies too!
  • In my free time, you can often find me kayaking on the River Thames, exercising, doing yoga, cooking, studying Russian and chatting with family and friends in the USA, where I’m originally from.

The nature of talking about your underlying feelings or writing them down in the safe environment of health coaching was incredibly powerful. I became more attuned to acknowledging anger and anxiety and importantly, how to manage it and take control.

Wendy in Yorkshire; has Transverse Myelitis

Those exercises where we focused on how I was feeling stopped me in my tracks but in a gentle way. They helped me to gradually slow down, divert the unhelpful thoughts and gain perspective. I will take this forward and practice it. Our work feels to have a long-term reach and has been really helpful.

Beth, 54, was seeking to re-establish her life purpose after breast cancer treatment

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