Coping with chronic illness or another serious health issue? Get advice and techniques from the Return to Wellness blog

When you are coping with chronic illness or another health issue, making the most of your life in the way that matters to you is important .

So here you can find lots of health and wellness advice and coaching techniques to help you restore an emotional balance, manage your health issue effectively, deal with the impact on your relationships, return to work, care/support effectively and more. To help you get your life back and look forward positively.

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Managing expectations at work after illness or injury

Managing expectations at work after illness or injury is so important in ensuring your return to work is a good enough transition. And linked to this is what you tell people. You may be wondering what to say to people, if anything, about what happened to you. You may...

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How to prepare for returning to work after illness

Prepare for returning to work after illness or injury. Is that a thing? You’ve been through a serious illness, perhaps life-changing for you in some ways, treatment has ended, your recovery is going pretty well and returning to work is now on the horizon. Hurrah! You...

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Convalescence after illness is a lost art

I think convalescence after illness has become a lost art. This thought occurred to me last week whilst being horizontal due to the winter flu, which hit me hard this year, and still getting emails from people offering alternative dates for meetings I cancelled due to...

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Does your self-doubt kill your New Year’s resolutions?

Setting New Year’s resolutions, or goals, objectives, priorities, dreams call it what you will, is all over the internet at the moment. And there is a lot of good advice out there. But it can be tough when you have a serious health issue. You may want to do and...

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How to find a hobby to improve your mental health

A month ago I wrote a blog on the 10 ways in which a hobby can improve your mental health when living with the impact of a serious illness or injury. But after writing the blog, I thought of something I did not address in it. It was a question put to me by someone...

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