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These are all the blogs which contain helpful hints, coaching techniques and advice to help you as the carer or supporter. You are equally impacted the challenging health issue your loved one, child, parent, relative or good friend has. You have needs to0 and they are important. So these blogs are for you.

For carers and supporters

These blogs focus on supporting you to look after yourself as the carer or supporter, meet your own needs, make time for you, and to care/support effectively. Some of these blogs appear in the other categories too as they are equally applicable to the person who has the challenging health issue whether that be an illness or injury. You will find some of these blogs in the other categories.

How to know if you are wasting your precious energy

Do you feel like you’re wasting your precious energy? You’re living with a serious health issue or a loved one is so you have that to deal with. And life continues to happen, throwing curve balls your way. You’re trying to deal with it all and feeling pretty stressed...

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How to manage your health issue successfully

Learning how to manage your health issue successfully (or well enough) can sometimes feel like a full-time job. You have a lot to learn about your health issue, how people tend to be affected, what treatments there are, is there a cure, what non-medical treatments can...

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How to set strong goals for your rehabilitation plan

It’s important to set strong goals for your rehabilitation plan to help you in your ongoing recovery from a serious health issue. Strong goals are the foundation of your plan. They provide a destination to work towards and even the direction to take to that...

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Here are the 10 principles of a good rehabilitation plan

Having a rehabilitation plan for recovery and managing the illness or injury sometimes feels like an afterthought in the treatment and care of people with serious health issues. Unfortunately, I often hear of people being discharged without any information other than...

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When is being defined by your disability a good thing?

When is being defined by your disability a good thing? Is it a good thing to be defined by your disability? Or not? You may have a disability and think, ’Yes, I have a disability.’ But you may not consider yourself disabled. I’ve been discussing these questions...

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How to cope with a setback in recovery

The realisation that you have to cope with a setback in recovery can be very disappointing. Especially if you have been doing what you need to be doing to recover well. It’s another piece of bad news. Someone recently asked me for resources on how you cope with a...

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What is the impact of family on health and illness?

The impact of family on health and illness and vice versa has long been an interest of mine.  I was reminded of the depth of this impact when working with a client last year. He has kindly given me permission to use one of our sessions as a case study to share...

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My top 10 life lessons learned from illness

Last week I wrote about how to make sense of the life lessons learned from illness or injury. And I continue on that theme by writing about what those life lessons actually are. The life lessons will of course differ from person to person as we are all different, have...

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Why is speaking your truth about your illness important?

I feel that speaking your truth about your illness or injury (or a loved one’s) is important. But I appreciate you may not want to talk about how you are affected. You may think this would be burdening others with your problems, or you would be seen as a moaner. But...

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How to transform your deepest fear into positive action

What is your deepest fear about the changes you want to make this year? Even if you don't set new year's resolutions. You may set intentions to change, goals or objectives at another point in the year. Whenever you set an intention for something to be different, to...

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How to identify what your illness taught you this year

You may not like reading ‘what your illness taught you’. As if you have something to learn. As if the illness is the teacher, the one in control, and you the pupil, the one who has to listen and do what the teacher says. Living with a challenging health issue can feel...

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How to make time for exercise to improve your health

We all read about how important it is to exercise to improve your health. Not just for our physical health but also our mental health. And yet, you may find it hard to make time for exercise for all sorts of reasons. Some of those reasons may run more deep than you...

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How to make time for exercise

My ability to make time for exercise has been crap. There, I said it. I’ve been feeling for some time that I need to do more to maintain my physical wellness. My line of work is about rebuilding and renewing our sense of wellness after a serious illness or serious...

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How to make the most of life after illness

Make the most of life after illness – This was one of the biggest things I learned from having a serious illness and being a carer. Life is fragile. And short. Much shorter than we expected or intended. For me, one way to make the most of life after illness has been...

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The 10 lessons I learned about being a carer

There was so much I wish I knew about being a carer before I became one. It might have taken the edge off the anxiety I was feeling about my other half’s medical conditions, his recovery, how much ongoing hands on support he would need, what changes it might mean for...

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Guidance for living well with a serious illness or injury

You may not be given guidance for living well with a serious illness or injury: what to do, what to avoid, etc. And in the early stages, a lot of your energies are focused on treatment, surviving the ordeal and recovery. But then a few months or even years after the...

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Does your self-doubt kill your New Year’s resolutions?

Setting New Year’s resolutions, or goals, objectives, priorities, dreams call it what you will, is all over the internet at the moment. And there is a lot of good advice out there. But it can be tough when you have a serious health issue. You may want to do and...

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How to find a hobby to improve your mental health

A month ago I wrote a blog on the 10 ways in which a hobby can improve your mental health when living with the impact of a serious illness or injury. But after writing the blog, I thought of something I did not address in it. It was a question put to me by someone...

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