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This opportunity is only being offered to Return To Wellness newsletter subscribers. It isn’t being advertised anywhere else. And it’s worth £100.

To take part, respond to the questions on what you want from the coaching session. Please be as specific rather than one word answers. It will help me select if your issue is suited to coaching, can I help regarding the issue, and do we have sufficient time for your issue. 

You may wish to save this link in your web browser in case something happens and you lose this page. This link is not on the main menu on my website. 

Please respond by 8th November. Any entries on 8th November or after will not be considered.

On 8-9 November, I’ll select 1 person to work with. Priority will be given to people I have not yet worked with. 

I’ll notify you on 12-13 November if you got the session. If you do not hear from me, it means you did not get it this time around. (There may be opportunities in the future to re-apply.) 

The session will need to take place during November.

The four questions allows us to cut through the introductory bit of a coaching session and so give us more time during the session to work on your issue. But even if you don’t get the session this time around, these questions can help you to think through what you want and may give you ideas on what you can do next.

The question disappears when you start typing in the box, so here they are if you need to refer back to them.

  1. What specifically do you want this coaching session to help with?
  2. What background or context if relevant for me to know? Have you done anything regarding this issue already? Have some things worked and others haven’t?
  3. In regards to your issue, what do you hope to have by the end of our coaching session that you don’t have now? What will be different for you?
  4. How do you imagine us working together? Is there anything in particular you want or do not want from me? For example, are you looking for a sounding board, joint problem solver, a cheerleader, someone to give you a gentle push forwards, something else?

You can learn more about coaching and my approach here.

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