Health coaching case studies blog archive

Here are blogs which contain real life stories of health coaching clients I have worked with over the years. Learn about the issues they faced, which may feel familar to you, how we addressed them in our coaching sessions, what my clients learned and how that changed their lives.

There are also blogs which describe the various approaches I use in health coaching.

Health coaching case studies

These real life stories are about people like you who were seeking to

  • Manage the impact of their or a loved one’s health issue on their life
  • Develop non-medical ways to manage symptoms
  • Restore emotional balance
  • Manage the impact of the health issue on their relationships
  • Return to work
  • Reclaim hobbies and interests
  • Restore meaning and purpose to their lives
  • Create a ‘new normality’
  • and more

There are also blogs which describe the various approaches I use in health coaching including coaching, Acceptance Commitment Therapy, Family Constellations and more. You will find some of these health coaching case studies and blogs in other categories too.

What is the impact of anxiety like and how to manage it

The impact of anxiety - What is this like for you? Are you aware of when and how anxiety shows up in your life? How it slides into the driving seat in charge of your choices and actions? Do you know when it all started? Many people have talked to me about the increase...

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Here are the 10 things to do when your recovery is uncertain

When your recovery is uncertain, it can be a difficult time. Scary even because you don’t know how much functionality you’ll get back and how long that will take. That might make for uncomfortable reading. I am mentioning this up front to acknowledge your or your...

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What is the impact of family on health and illness?

The impact of family on health and illness and vice versa has long been an interest of mine.  I was reminded of the depth of this impact when working with a client last year. He has kindly given me permission to use one of our sessions as a case study to share...

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