Supporting an employee returning to work after sickness


Do you have an employee who will soon be returning or has returned to work after being on long-term sick leave? Your employee may have a health issue or has been in a caring role.

Whether you’re in Human Resources or are the individual’s line manager, the right support will make the difference in ensuring the transition back to work is successful.


Wellness coaching to navigate a successful return to work


Through 1-1 coaching sessions, I’ll work with your employee to ensure their return to work is successful and give them the tools to deal with any future challenges.

A standard coaching package is six 90 minute sessions. I’m happy to discuss bespoke packages based on individual needs. Sessions can take place face-to-face, over the phone or via video conference.

To learn more, get in touch by completing the contact form below or sending me an email at

You can also learn more about my approach to coaching and what it will be like to work together here.


Training for your employees to work effectively with staff health issues


I offer learning sessions for HR and line managers on the psychological and emotional impact of a serious health issue and what that means for an employee returning to work after sickness. This is often the subtle and unseen aspects which can impact the employer-employee relationship, the success of the transition and the employee’s future performance.

Being aware of this can help line managers effectively support their employees returning to work after a serious health issue.

After the sessions, participants will be able to demonstrate an undertanding of:

  • The psychological experience of the employee returning to work
  • Their own preferences and biases regarding health and illness
  • Common societal stigmas regarding health, illness and disability, and how these help or hinder the employee’s return to work.

Participants will also come away with helpful ideas on what to do and what not to do to support the employee’s successful return to work.

These sessions are designed to compliment existing support and training you offer on HR procedures and the legal aspects of long-term absence rather than address them in depth. If you want to cover these issues, I would be happy to deliver the session with one of your HR professionals and have experience of doing this.


Examples of my work include


  • Established and manage a coaching bursary scheme for the Transverse Myelitis Society – 2014 to present
  • Webinar on supporting people returning to work after a serious illness/injury, November 2015
  • Research on the impact of coaching on the wellbeing of people living with long-term neurological conditions. Presented this research as a poster at the British Psychological Society’s Coaching Psychology Conference, December 2013.
  • Presentations on how health coaching can support people to self-manage their health issues at National Voices member conferences and events in 2015 and 2018, and at NHS East of England Learn & Share event in September 2016
  • Various presentations on mental health whilst living with the impact of Transverse Myelitis at Transverse Myelitis Society’s conferences – 2018, 2016, 2015, 2011

I have also worked in Learning & Development in professional services firms in the UK and abroad and you can view my LinkedIn profile here.

You can also read blogs I’ve written on returning to work after sickness below.


Next steps

To find out how I could support your employee’s successful return to work or their training, get in touch by completing the contact form below or sending me an email at

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