Navigate change so it's easier

Cope well with symptoms

Good relationships with your healthcare team

Restore balance in family relationships

Restore your confidence

Return to work

Create your 'new normality'

Return to wellness®

Living with illness or injury?

Want to live your life as fully as possible?

Join a group who, like you, are living with illness or injury, keen to manage its impact, restore emotional balance, and create their new normality. You all want to return to wellness and stay there. This group is also open to carers and supporters as you are living with the illness or injury too and so are affected.

You will receive a weekly email containing some or all of the following:

  • Hints and tips on coping with the impact of a serious illness/injury or long-term condition
  • Ideas to create the life you want
  • Interesting articles and videos
  • News and special offers
  • The latest freebies

Sign up, sit back and enjoy the Return to Wellness® newsletter. In the meantime, to get a taster of the wealth of hints and tips available, check out the blog here.

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