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Wellness Coaching for employees returning to work after long-term illness

If your organisation has a team member coming back into the workplace after a prolonged period of absence, it can be difficult to know the appropriate level and type of support to give them. Working with a health and wellness coach can help to ensure that the transition back into the office, both for the individual and the company, goes as smoothly as possible.

During the Return to Wellness® 1-to-1 coaching sessions, I’ll work directly with your employee to discuss any concerns that they may have about going back to work after sick leave, such as managing their day-to-day illness or injury symptoms while at work or issues that may arise around their productivity or capacity expectations.

It’s also important to acknowledge that your employee’s transition back into work will impact the wider team, with many of them not knowing how best to support a colleague or co-worker facing a challenging health issue. I offer group trainings for both Human Resources departments and line managers on the psychological and emotional impacts of unexpected health challenges and what this means for your individual employee. These sessions are designed to complement the existing support and policies that your company has in place and are focused on building a collaborative atmosphere as your employee returns to work.

I have a huge amount of respect for Barbara and how she works. She is especially attuned to issues around major life changes, health and wellbeing. Her approach is therapeutic, and so anyone feeling particularly vulnerable or dealing with significant stress or trauma would be completely safe in her hands.

CEO of a charity, London

Thank you Barbara! It was a terrific event. Everyone really enjoyed it and you clearly know your stuff. Thank you for being so gentle and encouraging and insightful with the group.

Presentation for Thyroid Trust members

I absolutely loved your sessions. You’ve been professional as can be, but also so friendly and personable whilst teaching me things about myself that I never even knew. I regularly use the tools you’ve given me!

Series of workshops on mental wellness delivered during lockdown in Spring 2020

Wellness coaching for charities and support groups

Your charity or group is already providing invaluable support to your service users and members, some of whom may be experiencing an unexpected challenging health issue or caring for a loved one with an ongoing or temporary illness or injury. Adding health and wellness coaching as a service can add additional value to the many benefits that you’re already providing.

This may be the first time your organisation has considered working with a health and wellness coach who specialises in working with individuals and families facing challenging health conditions. As an accredited coach and trainee family therapist, I can work with your team to determine the level of support that would work best for your organisation, how to launch and run a health and wellness coaching scheme, and how this can be done in the most cost-effective way to fit your charity’s budget.

I can also offer presentations and workshops for your members or beneficiaries on how they can maintain their wellness whilst living with a challenging health issue and caring responsibilities. 

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