Illness to Wellness Coaching and Counselling
for Individuals and Families

You’ve already overcome the biggest hurdle: recognising that you need support for your emotional wellbeing as you manage your illness or injury. When dealing with the uncertainty that an unexpected health challenge can bring, it’s important to feel safe and secure with a team of dedicated helpers who are there for you every step of the way.

Together, we’ll navigate new and ongoing problems as you learn to manage your symptoms effectively, help those close to you understand your needs, and return to work with new goals and plans in place. If returning to a traditional 9 to 5 role isn’t right for you, we can explore alternative options such as working for yourself, volunteering or education opportunities where you can set new goals for your work life and build a plan to achieve those.

How can you help me?

Some of the areas that we can work on together include

Reclaiming You and Your Health

  • Take back control of your feelings as you come to terms with your illness or injury
  • Regain independence and confidence through positive self-care and self-image
  • Design a holistic recovery and rehabilitation plan as you understand how to live in your changed body and find non-medical approaches to managing your symptoms

Rebuilding Your Family and Social Relationships

  • Help your family to understand your new challenges and how they can support you
  • Redefine your relationships with your spouse/partner, children, siblings and parents
  • Restore communication with friends and family to stay socially active and continue building healthy relationships

Returning to Work and Your Life

  • Develop strategies for a successful transition for going back to work after illness, whether that be a traditional 9-5 job, working for yourself, volunteering or education
  • Manage relationships within the workplace and discover ways to use your skills and interests while accounting for the impact of your health issue
  • Understand what’s most important to you in both your life and career while finding new ways to contribute and be productive

I offer several packages for both one-off and ongoing coaching sessions

    Why do I need a health and wellness coach?

    While you may already be working with doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and other rehabilitation clinicians, coaching can provide an additional level of beneficial support. Getting your life back after an illness or injury takes time.

    Coaching focuses primarily on your present issues, how those can be resolved and actively creating a future where you are happy in yourself. We’ll work purposefully to decide on realistic and achievable goals throughout your recovery journey and I’ll continue to check in with you from session to session to see how you’re progressing. Our aim is to raise awareness, make a plan and take positive action during and between every session so that you can clearly see the results of your hard work and move towards the life you want.

    Ready to take your first steps from illness to wellness? Schedule a free wellness discovery call where we can talk about what you’re looking to achieve, what’s currently getting in the way and how coaching can help you to get to the place you want to be.

    Coaching helped me to separate the feelings of panic from the uncomfortable and scary feelings associated with my dizziness symptoms and be more proactive in managing them. I realised that I’m more adaptable than I previously thought!

    Lilly from London, UK

    We did an online session on a very powerful and emotional dream I had. Barbara got straight to the point and directly addressed the issue. This helped me grasp and illuminate the meaning of the dream. I felt very supported and amazed by her clarity and confidence.

    Josefina from London, UK

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