Health and wellness coaching to support your clients to move forward in their lives

As a personal injury or medical negligence solicitor, you may have a client who has experienced a life-changing injury or illness and been actively wondering about how to take control and get their life back on track. Health and wellness coaching can offer 1-1 support to help them do just that and move forward in their lives in the way they wish.

What is health and wellness coaching?

Coaching is tailored 1-1 support which helps individuals rebuild and renew many aspects of their lives by the coach and client working collaborative to set goals, determine how the individual can reach their goals, and the individual taking action to achieve them. The starting point for health and wellness coaching is how the client is feeling about their health and sense of wellness is various aspects of their lives. Depending on the needs of your client, our work may focus on:
  • How your client manages their health issue (from a non-medical perspective*)
  • Find ways to live in a changed body
  • Enhance how they look after themselves
  • Find ways to regain a sense of independence
  • Developing strategies to manage their emotions
  • Manage change in relationships with family and friends
  • Returning to an existing job, finding a new job or developing a new career for themselves
  • Returning to hobbies and personal interests or finding new ones
  • Determining what they value in life and designing a way forward that aligns with their values. 
For a list of topics clients often want to address, click here and they are listed in step 1 under ‘Here’s how to join me on your Return to Wellness journey’. *As I am not a trained medical professional or healthcare professional, I do not make a diagnosis or give medical or healthcare advice. I refer my clients to appropriately qualified professionals if they require that. My qualifications are below and here.

How health and wellness coaching will help your client

Coaching will support your client to take control and move forward with their lives in the direction they want. Coaching does this by empowering the individual as the coach helps them to discover their own answers and solutions to their questions and problems. The coach does not advise, train, instruc or tell the person what to do. Therefore, the individual discovers they have the answers and are reminded of their existing strengths and abilities. The individual also experiences a sense of achievement and learns new things as they take action to move themselves towards their goals. This feeds the individual’s confidence, which in turn helps to restore their self-esteem. As the solicitor, this is what you want to see: a client who has come through a really tough time, feels able and confident again, and has rebuilt a good life for themselves where they are thriving, flourishing, contributing and happy. The focus of my work as a coach is helping individuals to do just that.

My qualifications and background

As an accredited coach with the International Coach Foundation (ICF), I have been coaching for 7+ years, have a M.A in Coaching Psychology and conducted research which evaluated the impact of coaching on the wellbeing of individuals with long-term conditions and their primary caregivers. Previously, I led a national UK charity which supports people living with rare neurological conditions which result in a non-traumatic spinal cord injury. A key part of the role was supporting members and their families to design a ‘new normality’ and live in partnership with their condition. Prior to that, I worked in Human Resources in professional services firms, specifically Learning & Development, where I focused on people’s professional and personal development and their motivations for learning and changing. You can learn more about coaching and my approach here and my background here. If you would like discuss offering coaching to your clients, get in touch by completing the contact form below and we can set up a mutually convenient time to talk. I look forward to hearing from you.

Take part in research

Have you or a loved one experienced the onset of a life-changing serious health issue? Do you or others often use the word acceptance? If yes, I would love to speak with you as I’m researching what acceptance means to people like you.


If you are interested in learning more and getting your questions answered, complete the contact form and I’ll respond to set up a mutually convenient time to talk.

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