Recovering from illness or injury?

Coping with a chronic illness?

Or you’re a carer/ supporter?


You want support to cope with your own or another’s health issue, restore emotional wellness, rebalance family dynamics, reclaim your life.

You’ve come to the right place.

I support people with health issues that impact their everyday life to restore emotional wellbeing and look positively towards the future.

Hello and welcome. I’m Barbara Babcock

As a Health & Wellness Coach and Facilitator, I support people recovering from illness or injury or coping with chronic illness, and their carers/supporters, to rebuild and renew their lives through coaching and programmes.

When a serious health issue strikes

Your life as you knew it feels over. You wonder can you be happy again, work, have a normal family life? Etc. etc. You have so many questions. There is so much uncertainty.

I support you, whether you have the health issue or are in the caring role, to:

  • Deal effectively with the emotional impact
  • Navigate the many changes in the various parts of your life
  • Create a ‘new normality’ within the reality of your changed body (or your loved one’s)
  • Restore communication and connection within your family
  • Reclaim meaning and purpose in your life

To have a quality of life and restored confidence. To enjoy life and look forward to the future again.

I empower you to Return to Wellness®, and stay there

Because you matter, and your life is important.

You’ll work with someone who knows what it’s like

Having had an unexpected serious neurological illness and been in the caring role for my partner, I’ve experienced the life-changing impact a serious health issue can have. In addition to working with people like you through my coaching practice, I’ve also supported many people with medical conditions through a charity I once led and conducted research in this area.

We may connect directly, or through your employer, a charity, support group, healthcare professional or solicitor.

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What previous clients say

Health coaching helped me manage my residual symptoms better, the seasonal adjustments, and medication. I started to view myself and my condition differently. It encouraged me to consider where I wanted to be and how I could get there. It enabled me to take back control.

Woman in her 40’s living with a rare relapsing neurological condition

As a carer for my Mum, we were having issues with inversion of roles. Coaching helped my mum and I create a new balance within our relationship and understand each other’s perspectives better.

Carer in her 20’s who has Myalgic Encephalomyelitis

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Individuals & Families

You or a loved one has experienced a serious health issue and wish to take back control, rebuild your life, and return to a sense of normality.

Charities & Support Groups

You’re interested in offering health coaching to help your service users manage the impact of their health issue.


You wish to offer tailored support to an employee returning to work after experiencing a serious health issue to ensure a successful transition.


You would like to learn about health coaching to work in this area. Or you're seeking mentor coaching to obtain/ renew your ICF ACC credential.

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