Manage your health issue blog archive

These are all the blogs which contain helpful hints, coaching techniques and advice to help you develop non-medical approaches to manage your health issue. Doing this enables you to take back control so you can get on with living the life you want for yourself.

Manage your health issue

These blogs focus on how to proactively

  • Learn how to listen to the messages your body is sending you
  • Figure out how to live in a changed body
  • Design a holistic recovery/rehabilitation plan for the non-medical side of things
  • Develop non-medical approaches to managing your symptoms (pain, fatigue, etc.)
  • Develop collaborative partnerships with your healthcare team to get your needs met

You may find some of these blogs in another category too.

How to know if you are wasting your precious energy

Do you feel like you’re wasting your precious energy? You’re living with a serious health issue or a loved one is so you have that to deal with. And life continues to happen, throwing curve balls your way. You’re trying to deal with it all and feeling pretty stressed...

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How to manage your health issue successfully

Learning how to manage your health issue successfully (or well enough) can sometimes feel like a full-time job. You have a lot to learn about your health issue, how people tend to be affected, what treatments there are, is there a cure, what non-medical treatments can...

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How to set strong goals for your rehabilitation plan

It’s important to set strong goals for your rehabilitation plan to help you in your ongoing recovery from a serious health issue. Strong goals are the foundation of your plan. They provide a destination to work towards and even the direction to take to that...

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Here are the 10 principles of a good rehabilitation plan

Having a rehabilitation plan for recovery and managing the illness or injury sometimes feels like an afterthought in the treatment and care of people with serious health issues. Unfortunately, I often hear of people being discharged without any information other than...

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Here are the 10 things to do when your recovery is uncertain

When your recovery is uncertain, it can be a difficult time. Scary even because you don’t know how much functionality you’ll get back and how long that will take. That might make for uncomfortable reading. I am mentioning this up front to acknowledge your or your...

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How to cope with a setback in recovery from illness

Last week I shared five things you can do to cope with a setback in recovery from illness or injury and this week I continue on that theme by sharing five more. A setback can be really disappointing. It’s typically not expected. And given everything you’ve been...

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How to cope with a setback in recovery

The realisation that you have to cope with a setback in recovery can be very disappointing. Especially if you have been doing what you need to be doing to recover well. It’s another piece of bad news. Someone recently asked me for resources on how you cope with a...

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How to love your body with illness or injury

How do you love your body with illness or injury? How do you learn to love it again? So much about your body has changed, this can feel like a really hard task. You may have loved what your body enabled you to do previously and/or how you looked. I feel it’s important...

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How to make time for exercise to improve your health

We all read about how important it is to exercise to improve your health. Not just for our physical health but also our mental health. And yet, you may find it hard to make time for exercise for all sorts of reasons. Some of those reasons may run more deep than you...

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How to make time for exercise

My ability to make time for exercise has been crap. There, I said it. I’ve been feeling for some time that I need to do more to maintain my physical wellness. My line of work is about rebuilding and renewing our sense of wellness after a serious illness or serious...

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Convalescence after illness is a lost art

I think convalescence after illness has become a lost art. This thought occurred to me last week whilst being horizontal due to the winter flu, which hit me hard this year, and still getting emails from people offering alternative dates for meetings I cancelled due to...

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Does your self-doubt kill your New Year’s resolutions?

Setting New Year’s resolutions, or goals, objectives, priorities, dreams call it what you will, is all over the internet at the moment. And there is a lot of good advice out there. But it can be tough when you have a serious health issue. You may want to do and...

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Learning to trust your body after a serious illness or injury

Learning to trust your body after a serious illness or injury or onset of a long-term condition can take time and involve many mixed emotions. Your body has changed. Forever. You can feel it. You remember what you used to be able to do. And your body has that memory...

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Make your New Year’s health resolutions stick in 2017

New Year’s resolutions are upon us. There is a lot of helpful advice out there on how to set resolutions. But keeping them can be the hard part. We may focus on making the change in January, it gets harder in February and by March we find we are not doing very much....

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How to let yourself take a break

You’ve got a deadline looming. You are aware of it. But maybe there are other important things also with deadlines attached to them competing for your attention. You’ve been focusing on those other things to finish them. But the deadline for that ONE thing arrives and...

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Is this all the recovery I’m gonna get?

This week I continue the theme of recovery in the context of illness. Last week's blog post focused on the assumptions which lace the recovery process due to society's interpretation of recovery: a) To have (the use, possession, or control of something) restored b) To...

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How #Brexit may affect your health

I sit here wondering, questioning and even worrying about the short and long-term impact of the historical referendum on 23rd June, which may lead to a possible #Brexit of the United Kingdom from the European Union. I had a blog all prepared and almost ready to go but...

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How to keep resolutions to flourish your health in 2016

New Year's resolutions are upon us. There is a lot of helpful advice out there on how to set resolutions. But keeping them can be the hard part. Change isn't always easy and straightforward. Some stuff I learned about neuroscience seems to explain that. So I will...

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New Year’s resolutions work better if they are smaller

It is two weeks into the new year and you have toyed with the idea of setting some New Year's resolutions. You might have some broad ideas like get back into work or a volunteer opportunity, exercise or move around more, lose weight, find a way to take control of a...

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