Reclaim your emotional health blog archive

These blogs will help you to feel better in yourself, more calm and to look towards the future. 

  • Make sense of what has happened
  • Move beyond feelings of anger, loss and fear
  • Feel balanced emotionally
  • Take back control
  • Regain your independence
  • Minimise and manage stress in your life
  • Develop a positive self-image
  • Learn to live with the uncertainty that comes with many serious illnesses and chronic conditions
  • Decipher what your day and night dreams are telling you

You may find some of these blogs in another category too.

How to move on from being depressed about your illness

Learning to move on from being depressed about your illness is not a small project. It can feel nigh on impossible. You may feel stuck and sad more than you feel happy, and you wonder if you will ever feel better about yourself, your body and your life. If this helps,...

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What is the impact of anxiety like and how to manage it

The impact of anxiety - What is this like for you? Are you aware of when and how anxiety shows up in your life? How it slides into the driving seat in charge of your choices and actions? Do you know when it all started? Many people have talked to me about the increase...

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How to know if you are wasting your precious energy

Do you feel like you’re wasting your precious energy? You’re living with a serious health issue or a loved one is so you have that to deal with. And life continues to happen, throwing curve balls your way. You’re trying to deal with it all and feeling pretty stressed...

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When is being defined by your disability a good thing?

When is being defined by your disability a good thing? Is it a good thing to be defined by your disability? Or not? You may have a disability and think, ’Yes, I have a disability.’ But you may not consider yourself disabled. I’ve been discussing these questions...

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How to love your body with illness or injury

How do you love your body with illness or injury? How do you learn to love it again? So much about your body has changed, this can feel like a really hard task. You may have loved what your body enabled you to do previously and/or how you looked. I feel it’s important...

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You can find an emotional balance after illness or injury

Learning how to find an emotional balance after illness or injury can sometimes take a back seat. Your focus is often on recovery, rehabilitation, and figuring out how to live your life in your changed body. Time moves on and you’ve started doing things you used to do...

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How to increase your self-worth after illness or injury

To increase your self-worth after illness or injury can feel like a mammoth task. You’ve been thrown into this unknown land of serious illness or injury, you can’t do what you once did, and you don’t know what to do to feel better. You may feel like you have lost...

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Does your self-doubt kill your New Year’s resolutions?

Setting New Year’s resolutions, or goals, objectives, priorities, dreams call it what you will, is all over the internet at the moment. And there is a lot of good advice out there. But it can be tough when you have a serious health issue. You may want to do and...

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How to find a hobby to improve your mental health

A month ago I wrote a blog on the 10 ways in which a hobby can improve your mental health when living with the impact of a serious illness or injury. But after writing the blog, I thought of something I did not address in it. It was a question put to me by someone...

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Learning to trust your body after a serious illness or injury

Learning to trust your body after a serious illness or injury or onset of a long-term condition can take time and involve many mixed emotions. Your body has changed. Forever. You can feel it. You remember what you used to be able to do. And your body has that memory...

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Make your New Year’s health resolutions stick in 2017

New Year’s resolutions are upon us. There is a lot of helpful advice out there on how to set resolutions. But keeping them can be the hard part. We may focus on making the change in January, it gets harder in February and by March we find we are not doing very much....

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How to let yourself take a break

You’ve got a deadline looming. You are aware of it. But maybe there are other important things also with deadlines attached to them competing for your attention. You’ve been focusing on those other things to finish them. But the deadline for that ONE thing arrives and...

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