What is health and wellness coaching? How do you renew your life after a serious health issue?

The following will give you greater insight into what health and wellness coaching is and how I work as a health and wellness coach. I do this by outlining what coaching is, how health and wellness coaching differs and my approach as a coach. I also outline the definitions of health, wellness and wellbeing, which I subscribe to, and and my views and beliefs which underpin that.


If I work with you 1-1, it’s through a series of purposeful conversations and this process is called coaching. Click here to learn more about coaching and my approach.

Health, Wellness & Wellbeing

My definitions and views on health, wellness and wellbeing form part of the foundation on which my work is based.

Take part in research on acceptance

Have you experienced the onset of a serious health issue and talk about acceptance in relation to it?

If you are happy to share your experience, I’m researching what acceptance means to people like you.


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