Can I increase my health wellness and wellbeing whilst living with a serious health issue?

I believe that it is possible to increase your health wellness and wellbeing whilst living with serious health issue, whether that be a long-term medical condition, a temporary serious illness, disability or even a benign health issue. I believe you determine what that looks, sounds and feels like for you.

I don’t believe in denying or discounting the symptoms you may live with on a daily basis (pain, fatigue, other fluctuating symptoms, etc.). They are there and real. And sometimes they can be very difficult to live with.

Our work is about rebuilding and renewing your life; creating your ‘new normality’ as I often like to say. It may include finding non-medical ways to manage any ongoing symptoms and aspects of your health issue as well as looking at other areas of your life. The aim is for you to recover your sense of health wellness and wellbeing and feel that your life once again is meaningful and purposeful whilst living with the impact of a serious health issue and despite the bad days. I don’t want anything less for you.

So these definitions align with what I believe and underpin my work as a health and wellness coach, facilitator and researcher.


An optimal state of physical, mental and social well-being, not merely the absence of disease or infirmity – Dorland, 2012


A form of happiness as a global assessment of a person’s quality of life according to his own chosen criteria’ – Shin and Johnson, 1978


An active process through which people become aware of, and make choices towards, a more successful existence – Barwais, 2011


Wellness can consist of various life areas such as spiritual, emotional, intellectual, physical, cultural, occupational, and social (National Wellness Institute, 2012)

The health definition recognises that there are different types of wellbeing and collectively they constitute health. Yet the word ‘optimal’ allows for a variety of experiences as it means the ‘most desirable, possible under a restriction expressed or implied’ (Free Dictionary, 2012). Although we may have a long-term condition, serious illness, or disability, we can still experience health. I think of this as health within illness.

It is not uncommon that people with long-term conditions and disabilities rate themselves high in terms of wellness but not satisfy the traditional definition of good health. And people who meet the traditional definitions of good health not rate themselves high in terms of wellness (Library Index, 2012).

Within the wellbeing and wellness definitions are the assumptions that determination of it relies on self-assessment and that the individual has the control, choice and the ability to do that.

So when you work with me, we start by completing your Wheel of Wellness to set the focus and priorities for our work together. And we work to your definitions of health wellness and wellbeing.

If you would like to learn more about working together, have a look at the services I offer to find that suits your needs, and get in touch below for a free no obligation consultation.

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